Leading the way

Iqra Institute provides exceptional education for our future generation. We strive to provide this from the authentic sources – Quran and Sunnah and relate it to our real life situations. We are very committed in providing knowledge of all the Madhabs in a comprehensive way to broaden our students thinking and understanding. Our goal as an institution is to produce alims and leaders of the next generation who will be open minded and balanced in today’s society.

Our classrooms are well equipped with modern technology such as computers, internet and interactive boards. We are well resourced with Islamic books, various tafseers, hadith books and Arabic literature. Untitled-5Our teachers are highly committed, devoted and experienced to teach effectively with qualifications and education from various countries such as Egypt, Morocco, England, Malaysia, Algeria and Bangladesh.

We are a non-profit charity organisation under London Education Trust (LET) and our institutions are operated under the name of Iqra Institute, currently in London and Oldham. Our commitment is to serve our community through Islamic education and by building our future generation of children with Islamic morals, manners and characteristics that add to British values they are brought up with so they are righteous citizens making significant contribution to society.

Our Mission

The principle aim of the Iqra Institute is to provide a stimulating, challenging and safe environment for learning that allows everyone to develop to their full potential to become spiritual, have sound morals and develop their intellectual ability.

Our Vision

The Iqra Institute aims to contribute towards the future generation of the Muslim community and prepare them as responsible citizens with Islamic values for this modern world. We will ensure that every student attains the highest possible level of academic, spiritual and social achievement in a secure and inspiring learning environment.

Our Aims

We aim:

  • To help children to develop self-esteem and self-confidence and to recognise that they have a worthwhile contribution to make to the Iqra Institute.
  • To create a happy and positive learning environment, fostering mutual respect, tolerance, consideration for others and personal responsibility.
  • To be committed to developing physical, mental and spiritual strength with positive relationships with parents, promoting education as a partnership between home and Iqra Institute.
  • To understand the Islamic values for building a peaceful society.

We will achieve our aims through:

  • The recognition that all children are unique individuals at differing stages of emotional, intellectual, physical, social and personal development.
  • A close co-operation between home, Iqra Institute and the community. The encouragement of a critical and constructive understanding of the environment.
  • A physical environment which is pleasant, safe and attractiUntitled-6ve and seen as everyone’s responsibility to maintain and take pride in.
  • A code of discipline based on positive behaviour where children receive praise and encouragement within a rigorous and consistent framework of what is expected of them.
  • A friendly, secure atmosphere of trust, tolerance, co-operation, sensitivity, compassion and mutual respect, where individual beliefs and values are accepted and treated as equally valuable and where each person can grow, free from prejudice without negative stereotyping and bias, as a person and as a valued member of society.
  • The encouragement of self-reliance, self-confidence, self-discipline, creativity and optimism for both young people and adults.
  • The encouragement of confidence to be able to freely express opinions.
  • An understanding that everyone is responsible for their own actions and the effects such actions have on others.

Our Curriculum

Iqra Institute offers a broad and balanced curriculum where subjects are taught from both Islamic and real life perspectives. Our aim is for students to leave this institution with both a firm understanding of the Islamic sciences as well as a strong understanding of our modern society – a combination that will provide the student with a wide range of possibilities in pursuit of further education in this field.